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Huntington Beach, CA



Thanks for visiting the PRANAbundance blog.  It is a place for explore yoga and  mindfulness, find inspiration, and to find new opportunities to conitnue or begin your practice.


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Manifest it.

Natalie Moser


Ideas.  I've always been filled with them... spinning in my mind, spinning, spinning.  Breathing deeply and consciously, moving purposefully, and flowing freely-- these are ways that I've been able to calm my spinning mind and begin to find peace and focus. I also find that once the dizziness subsides my heart points in the direction of ideas that are calling out... that are destined for incubation and creation.

One of those ideas became my current profession about nine years ago... that of visual storyteller and photographer.  Photography has and continues to be a blessing and has allowed me to meet incredible people, witness and capture life changing moments, and hold visual and heart space for the feelings that the images evoke.

PRANAbundance is another idea that is yearning to exist and be expressed.  I can feel it beckoning.  It is created out of a passion to serve and share.  What if I could help others who yearn for balance, awareness, and self compassion and expression?  What if I could combine my love for movement, the expansiveness of breath, and words that inspire and share that love with others?  What if I could help others along their own journey?

What if I could?  What if?

I can.  We will.  I am manifesting this desire here.  Join me on this journey, won't you?