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Huntington Beach, CA


Yoga for Dancers

This Vinyasa flow class is built with dancers in mind.  Come to improve your technique and performance skills, stay to discover a new way of seeing and feeling your physical, mental, and inner self. 

Find a balance between strength and flexibility resulting in renewed artistic and physical expression and freedom. Instead of working harder, pushing flexibility and muscling through poses, make intentional choices rooted in alignment, awareness, and being fully present.  Cultivate and harness the power of your breath and learn how to integrate your mind, body, and spirit.

Through alignment, breath and meditation you will work your entire body, find active stillness with intention and bring awareness to the importance of self-care and restoration. Learn how your emotions and your effort affect your body and your movement and discover how breath and a deeper mindfulness can illuminate and create space in your self-expression. 

Interested in bringing PRANAbundance {Yoga for Dancers} to your dance studio or program?  Click the "Contact Us" link and connect with us.